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Nestled in Santo Amaro, the gateway to the breathtaking Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, OIÁ Casa Lençóis revitalizes the historic Boca da Ilha Farm. Surrounded by unspoiled native greenery and proximate to enchanting natural lakes formed by the autumnal rains, this property has been meticulously renovated.
The main house features a 26 sq m suite, a fully equipped kitchen, and a shared living space designed for comfort, complemented by a cozy lounge and an expansive, inviting terrace.

Curated by renowned interior designer Marina Linhares, the décor showcases the brilliance of great names of Brazilian design and objects that are emblematic of Brazilian homes, particularly in the Northeast. OIÁ Casa Lençóis is a tribute to the culture, simplicity, and refined beauty of Brazil.
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